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Bounce houses: Where to rent bounce house near me?

by Backyard Play Store on December 03, 2021
Bounce houses: Where to rent bounce house near me?

Bounce houses are getting extremely popular with kids these days and if you own an amusement park or are a carnival leader, you sure will find yourself asking ‘Where to rent bounce houses near me?’ Yes, these inflatables are not always available for rent and what’s worse is that you cannot purchase one without facing severe complications of the set-up procedures and taking safety measures. Bounce houses alone cost five to six thousand dollars or more! As a result, you must think before making any progress when it comes to using bounce houses. In this article, we will separately talk about what kinds of bounce houses are available for renting, why you should rent one instead of purchasing and where you can rent these near you. Without any further ado, let’s get started!

What kinds of bounce houses are available for purchase?

There are countless options for you to choose from when it comes to the shapes and sizes of bounce houses. These inflated and enormous toys encourage young children to stay fit whilst having fun and enjoying their time with other kids of their age. Nowadays, devices and online games have conquered the minds of the little ones and it is our job to put them in the right balance between technology and physical health. Their have been many reports on how obesity levels are rising with poor physical health among the youngsters. To some extent, the mental well-being is also being altered in a substandard way as children are losing interest in almost everything. That is why bounce houses, or any other kind of toys that encourage kids to exercise daily is being sought after by many parents and social enterprises. Let’s now look through some of the most popular options available in market:

1. Astro Jump

 1. Astro Jump

This inflated structure is made in terms of a space theme with many moon and star shapes hanging from various regions. These can be found in the Backyard Play store, one of the most famous and quality supplier in the USA. Their inflatables are not only made of the finest anti-choke plastic and durable material, but are tested and tried with many advanced equipment to ensure safety of all the end users. The Astro Jump, as its name suggests, works with starships and other celestial substances that arise the interest of the children. The next thing you want to hear is how your child spent their day as an astronaut!

2. Bouncing in the Moon

This moon-based bounce house allows children aged 5 to 13 years to have a go-to-the-moon experience. Yes, as exciting as it sounds,  these inflated structures represent the moon's surface with tons of images and graphics available for your kids to enjoy.

3. Jumping jollies

With a bunch of colors and shapes floating around and rubber structures filling the walls, the jumping jollies are one of the most attractive and popular choices for carnivals, fun factories, and amusement parks. The jumping jollies sometimes have slides attached in one side of the whole structure but you can find double slide options as well. What’s most attractive is the hanging bars that come with it. You can also get a trampoline like area where your kids can strengthen their leg muscles with a few extra jumps!

The three types that have been mentioned above are just a couple of the countless variations. In fact, they vary according to size as well so if you have a big backyard or area, you might be interested in the extra-large options. If you’re looking for something that is not too big or too small for your children, then the basic options should be good enough. Do take note of the negotiations of these toys as sometimes if your chosen area has a tree with too many branches lingering around, you may have to rethink how and where to put the structure in.

Jumping jollies

Safety is also a big concern with almost everyone so you must ensure the provider you are getting the toy from is trusted and has a reputable background. The Backyard Play Store is one of these trusted sources that are known for their quality service and safety management.

Why should you rent a bounce house instead of buying one?

In short, the answer is the long-term maintenance costs and the initial upfront expenditure that needs to be done in order to set up a huge inflated playhouse in your area. Below, we have divided all the pros and cons people have faced so far by either renting or buying such a big toy.

Renting a playhouse


  1. It can be arranged for small yet unique events such as your child’s birthday. Kids love something new and a party with a bounce house just seems as good as a dream. All you need is an empty space and the rental company will come to your place and set the whole thing up for you. When the times are over, you don’t have to worry about clearing out any mess; they will do it for you! Yes, you don’t have to fold any of it, get the air out, or think about storing it properly.
  2. No need to worry about inflating. Most of us worry about filling the structure with air. Of course, it’s huge and a blow from the mouth to fill it up is certainly impossible! You might also be concerned with the equipment you need to inflate large structures however when you are renting, the company you have contacted for the toy will come directly to your place and take care of the filling air business. Their equipment is also very advanced so in no more than thirty to fourth minutes, you will see yourself standing in front of a great, gigantic castle!
  3. Choose from a lot of options. There will be many options to rent and with many rental companies, you can find yourself selecting a design that is extraordinary. You can always change the design halfway through so that your children do not get tired of playing with the same thing for years!


Choose from a lot of options
  1. It’s expensive. When you rent one of the toys once for a single event, it isn’t too costly. However, if it starts being a weekend activity and your kids are addicted to having some exercise on a new toy, then the expenditure levels seem to rise. In short, if you require a house for more than two to three times a month, it’s probably best to buy one instead of renting. Another factor that contributes to the cost is the size and model of the structure. The bigger it is, the more effort it takes to set up so companies might charge you more.
  2. Not very hygienic. Your rented playhouse has been used by kids other than your children and it is not very often that these companies make an effort into cleaning them. As a result, the hygiene is very poor. Normally, this isn’t much of an issue but if you are highly conferenced with cleanliness, it is wise to get your children to shower after playtime. When you rent with the Backyard Play Store, this con is no longer an issue as their staff spends a huge amount of time cleaning and repairing parts that they find might be harmful to your child. They make sure none of their cleaning chemicals linger around for too long and only use low-alkaline or low-pH substances.
  3. Time limits. When you rent something, you only have a limited number of hours to enjoy it. Most rental companies allow rents for a day highest. At the Backyard Play store, however, you can rent for 2- 3 days; just call them and they will see what can be done.

Buying a playhouse

When you decide to buy one of these big toys, the greatest disadvantage is the cost that you pay for one time. You also have to set it up by yourself and even though instructions will be available sometimes, they might not always help as effectively if someone else did it for you. Kids change as they grow up and their tastes in playing with toys develop so your children might get bored of the toy you chose for them when they were 3 years old. There are huge benefits to purchasing playhouses provided your child adores and uses them for many years.

Where to rent bounce houses near me?

If you’re living in the USA and are looking high quality and hygienic bounce houses to rent, then there’s nothing better than going to The Backyard Play Store where every product they have has been tailored to perfection. It is a great choice for short events like your child’s birthday where a couple of friends can enjoy the playhouse facility. So next time you are asking yourself ‘where to rent bounce houses near me?’ we suggest you the Backyard Play Store, one of the USA’s most trusted brands.


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