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10 Best Ways to Get Your Kids Outside

by Backyard Play Store on May 25, 2022
10 Best Ways to Get Your Kids Outside

We are now living in the digital age, which is why the way we live life has already changed a lot.

One good example of this is how the youth today interacts with their daily lives. Specifically speaking, gone are the days when they go outside and play outdoors.

Now, what they usually do is that they just get their gadgets and use it to play videos or play video games throughout the day.

This affects them negatively because they no longer get to have physical exercise.

Aside from that, they are also prone to the dangerous effects of radiation which can harm their eyesight and overall health. Not to mention the many negative things that they can see on the internet, which can then influence them.

Because of this, it makes perfect sense to getting your kids outside so that they can have physical exercise and grow in the correct way.

But how can you do that, knowing that the influence and appeal of gadgets and the internet is very strong?

In this article, we are going to dive deep into that problem by showing you the best ways to getting your kids outside.

Start easy

The first thing that you should do is to not rush things up just because you want your child to immediately go outdoors and be the outdoor kid you want him or her to be.

It doesn’t work that way. You should start slow so that they won’t have a hard time adjusting to their new lifestyle.

You can start by first bringing them to a public area such as a park or any place which is far from their comfort zone. This way, you can help initiate their stimuli response to their surroundings in a very subtle and gently way without overwhelming them.

Just be sure, though, that you supervise them in case they go into complicated situations such as going to the bathroom, being shy to new friends, or just feeling awkward due to the new surroundings.

Start easy

But as much as possible, just keep them outdoors until they tire themselves out from playing.

You can also bring with you some outdoor playset equipment they are familiar with. Or maybe just let them start with toys that have features that resemble the outside world such as streets or road signs.

Have fun

Another important thing you can do is to just have fun. You can’t bring your child to the outdoors and expect them to enjoy this new lifestyle if you force them.

Never force a child into playing outdoors especially if they are already used to just staying inside and playing with their phone or tablets. Make sure that you infuse the outdoors with the notion of fun.

Although this can be tricky as it depends on the age of your child, but still, you can add some small make-believe stories that will make their imagination run wild and become creative. This way, they will find the outdoors exciting.

An example of this is talking to them about a buried treasure in the area and having a some sort of treasure map.

You can also make it feel like you are in a jungle where you’re going to cross numerous obstacles like rivers. All you have to do is to create imaginative games that are only possible outdoors.

Different outdoor playsets like bounce houses, trampolines, swing sets, etc., could be helpful to make their outdoor activities more playful and enjoyable.

Bring their indoor toys

Another nice thing you can do to make your child go outside is to bring their indoor toy outside.

This way, they can have a familiar feeling whenever they go outside because they have an object which they are very interested with, in the outdoors. This is also a smart way to make them feel more relaxed.

The best place to start with this strategy is to bring their favorite indoor toy to the outdoors. Examples of these are building blocks, remote control cars, or anything that can withstand the elements available in the outdoors.

Bring their indoor toys

Travel to new places

Traveling and going to new places is also a smart way to get your kids outside because it is through this that they get the feeling of excitement knowing that they are somewhere which is new to their sight.

An example of this is taking them to a new scenic view such as a coastal walk, or maybe a national park, or even much better a botanical garden.

Bringing them to the beach can also make them feel more interested with the outdoors because they can play in the water.

This can also be an avenue for them to learn how to swim. Just make sure that you ensure their safety. Keep a close eye on them at all times.

Make them socialize

Getting them involved in the surroundings is an effective way to make your child want the outdoors.

Examples of these are making them work on their respective chores such as sweeping the floor of your lanai, or maybe wiping the windows outside. You can also make them clean the outdoor furniture.

This way, you can make them more familiar with the outdoors while also giving them the initiative to work on something.

This can bring them a long way when they grow older because by then, they would already have developed the discipline needed to give them a good life.

Make them accompany you when you are trimming the grass or working on the wheelbarrow.

This gives them a feeling of importance and value. Not to mention the fact that they are also learning self-discipline and motivation to be involved in the family and community.

Family outing

Family bonding is a very important part of a child’s growth, which is why you need to make sure that you have enough of it regularly.

Family outing

Establish the outdoors as a time for you to spend time with the family. It should be an occasion where you create happy memories with your spouse and children.

This way, you create a good impression that the outdoors is a safe haven for fun, enjoyment, and quality time with loved ones. This will also make it easier for your kids to enjoy playing outside, not just by themselves, but also with the entire family.

Examples of these are cycling trips or even just a simple hike around your local trail can mean a lot to your child. Associate the outdoors with fun, enjoyment, and happiness.

This also helps improve their development and growth because they see the traits needed from a good parent. Another nice thing to getting your kids outside is by having a calendar of outdoor activities you are going to follow strictly.

Know what interests them the most

For example, if they are into car racing video games, then you can buy them a life-sized toy car which they can ride on around your lawn.

It’s better, though, if this is remote controlled so you can control its speed and direction. This way, they will be motivated to go outdoors because it’s just like them playing the car racing video game they are hooked up with.

But this time, it’s way better because they are the ones who is sort of driving the car. It’s just a matter of knowing your child more and making sure that you infuse their own personal interests and likes into the outdoors.

This way, they’ll find the outdoors better instead of just staring at the screens of their gadgets or just watching television.

Invite their friends

Inviting their friends is another smart and effective way to getting your kids outdoors because they will have more fun and enjoyment knowing that they are with people who are their same age and has the same level of thinking.

Invite their friends

One good way to do this is by talking with the parents around your neighborhood and setting up a play time for your kids along with their children. Arranging an outdoor bounce house block party with your neighbors is another great way to participate in joint activities.

This makes it easier and more comfortable on your end because you already know the people whom your child spends time with playing outdoors.

Make it a routine

And then there comes the fact that you need to make it a habit. Make outdoor time part of the usual daily schedule for your child so that they will be obliged to go outside, breathe fresh air, and run around playing with friends.

It won’t take long before they make this a habit. This will then serve as their daily physical exercise as well as a means for them to develop their social skills.

Promote independence in a safe place

You just have to let your child roam around freely and discover the area on their own. This instills in them a sense of independence so that they will be self-sufficient and self-reliant when they grow older.

Just make sure that the place they are playing around is a safe place. This will then make it easier for them and for you to getting your kids outside.


Concluding all of this, you can see that getting your kids outside for them to play around is not really that hard.

You just need to have the right will and determination as well as implement the right training on your child so they will develop the much-needed discipline. If you do, then you’ll be raising a proper child.


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