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Inflatable Bounce House with Blower for Sale

There’s nothing complicated as looking for bounce house with blower to beef up fun at home. Think of what your kids like; the girls like the barbie themes, the boys want their favorite superheroes to feature on the bounce house, not to mention your budget, and many other things.

The process of finding the right inflatable bounce house with blower to excite your kids and the whole family needs to be done right to ensure that your purchase is a one-time investment. The bounce house needs to be durable and serve different occasions, such as birthday parties, family playtime, friends get together events, among others.

Why get your family an inflatable bounce house with blower?

Kids are under constant growth and change. An active childhood is beneficial to their development. Jumping in the bounce house helps them keep fit and have good circulation. Apart from keeping them healthy, it also keeps them happy and occupied. They also get to enhance their interaction skills when they invite their friends over to play.

By getting a residential bounce house, you get to save some bucks as you won’t need to take the kids to commercial bounce houses.

professional bounce house for sale in usa

Types of Heavy Duty Bounce Houses for Sale: Residential & Commercial

Residential bounce houses are built for lightweight usage, mainly for households. Generally, these bounce houses are meant for outdoor use, but some are suitable for indoor use. You can refer to them as scaled-down commercial bounce houses as they’re more affordable for families.

Their set-up process is somewhat similar to commercial ones. They come with stakes and an air blower and take less time to set up due to their smaller size.

When going through bounce house with blower for sale, make sure that you are picking the one that best suits your family’s needs. You don’t have to worry about some missing features, which can be found in others. Our inflatable bounce house clearance come with several features included, such as:

  • Water features.
  • Interactive games.
  • Ball pits.
  • Slides.
  • Basketball hoops.
  • Soccer goals.

In terms of safety, residential bounce houses also include safety features just like commercial units do. Residential inflatables adhere to the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards. They’re made from safe and durable materials and securely stitched.

heavy duty bounce house with slides for sale

Features & Specifications of Bounce house Clearance

Residential bounce houses are somewhat the same as the commercial ones, which the latter having the upper hand when it comes to durability and strength.

Some of the most common features you’d find in a residential bounce house include:

  • Slides.
  • Soccer goals.
  • Basketball hoops.
  • Obstacle courses.
  • Water features.
  • Interactive games.

Safety standards are also adhered to by manufacturers when making residential bounce houses, just like commercial inflatables. Residential inflatables adhere to the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards.

They are equally made using highly durable materials securely stitched with appropriate seams to make them stronger. The materials are also puncture and fire-resistant.

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Which Are The Best Brands of Bounce House With Blower?

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the many brands and types of residential bounce houses available in the market.

To make the process easier for you, we recommend our favorite selection of residential inflatables:

inflatable bounce house clearance with blower

Bounceland Bounce House with Playstation Wet/Dry Combo

This inflatable jumper with slide is an ideal choice for those looking for all year round fun-filled inflatables. The Bounceland Bounce House with Playstation Wet/Dry Combo comes with several accessories and features, including a sprayer, water gun, wet and dry slide, plus plenty of space to accommodate up to four kids.

Your kids will love this combo bounce house adventure tunnel, climbing wall, basketball hoop, and ball pit.

inflatable jumpers with water slides

Kidwise Endless Fun 11 in 1 Bounce House with Water Slide

Kids love playing in the water, and they’ll find the small pool attached to this inflatable water slide interesting. Kidwise Endless Fun 11 in 1 Bounce House with Water Slide is an ideal choice for grown-up children and young adults.

The bouncing area is full of obstacles to elevate the fun experience. This inflatable also has neoprene and Velcro balls suitable for target practice or shooting hoops.


inflatable wet and dry slides for kids and adults

Bounceland Party Castle Bounce House

This kid's bounce house is an excellent choice who love to imagine. It can also inspire kids to develop imagination. It has a large bouncing area, measuring 10’ by 10’, a slide, and a basketball goal. Bounceland Party Castle Bounce House has brilliant colors and can be ideal for birthday parties and kid’s get-together.

bounceland party castle bounce house with clearance

Bounceland Pop Star Bounce House

This Rockstar-themed inflatable offers a perfect way for kids to get imaginative and bring out the star in them. Bounceland Pop Star Bounce House has a bouncing area of 10.5’ by 8’, spacious enough for a kids’ party.

The inflatable is also equipped with an enormous slide plus a basketball hoop that’ll keep every kid at the party entertained.

bounceland pop star blue color bounce house

Check Materials of The Bounce House Before Buying

One factor to look into when searching for Inflatable bounce houses for sale is the material used. They’re made using heavy-duty polyester oxford (oxford cloth) or nylon. Nylon is often used in making larger residential bounce houses due to its high tensile strength.

The nylon materials are classified according to their weight which measures the density. Materials with a high density are more robust and, therefore, more durable. Despite being strong, nylon isn’t the best material always. It’s firm and mildew-resistant but absorbs more water compared to polyester oxford. This characteristic makes it challenging to determine if the bounce house is dry to store it away. If stored while still wet, a bounce house will attract mildew.

Oxford cloth is less durable than nylon but is highly water-resistant and doesn’t sag much. Also, it’s lightweight, making residential bounce houses easier to handle. Their disadvantage, though, is they rip and can’t be repaired. The only solution would be to replace them with a new one.

Polyester oxford and nylon are all excellent residential bounce house materials, only that they require reinforcement. These materials can be further strengthened using heavy PVC or 600D nylon.

On the other hand, commercial bounce houses are more robust, durable, and resistant to dampness. These features are majorly due to their heavy usage, which is why they’re also more expensive. But residential bounce houses are equally made to last long due to their lightweight use.

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Things to consider when looking for professional bounce house for sale

Once you’re conversant with the details about bounce houses, the process of selecting one becomes a little less complicated.

You might want to consider factors to make your search quicker, less stressful, and give you a more durable and fun-filled unit for the family.

rainbow themed kid's bounce house for sale

Space availability

Before delving into the bounce house clearance for sale to find your perfect match, you might want to consider the space available.

Regarding the inflatable bouncer’s size, make sure that your space is big enough to accommodate the unit.

Regardless of the residential inflatable size, you’ll need some extra space around the unit to make it easier for kids to run around and enjoy themselves. When there isn’t space around the inflatable, it makes the yard look cluttered, reducing its aesthetic appeal.

inflatable bounce house with blower for sale

The Type of Inflatable Bounce Houses

The avaibility of bounce house with blower is vast, making the selection process daunting. To choose the type of bounce house, you want to consider the purpose for which it’s being bought. If planning for a birthday party in summer, you should go for a unit with residential water slides. They present a combination of sliding and bouncing, which kids will love.

If looking for something simple for fun at any time, you may consider bounce houses with volleyball net, basketball hoop, among others.

inflatable castle themed bounce house with blower for sale

Quality of the material used

When searching to buy bounce houses for kids, you’d want to make it a lifelong investment. As such, go for those built with durable materials. As discussed earlier, Polyester oxford and nylon are considered durable materials for residential bounce houses. Also, the material needs to be puncture-proof.

Ensure that the materials are tested for the presence of phthalates and lead, among other undesirable mineral content. Certified inflatables need to adhere to strict American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) guidelines.

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Warranty period

Select your residential bounce house from a supplier offering a longer warranty period, at least 90 days. They should also provide favorable return policies to save you lots of stress should the inflatable get issues while still under warranty. With a good warranty, the bounce house can be replaced or repaired while under warranty.

With a warranty, also be keen to check how long the company has been in operation. Some new companies tend to offer overinflated warranties to attract your attention, but their operation’s certainty isn’t guaranteed. The warranty won’t be worth a penny if the company isn’t available tomorrow.

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The slide landing area

Some manufacturers tend to be canny when it comes to inflatable units with slides. To reduce material costs, they make the slide landing area shorter and condensed, which poses a safety risk for riders. Riders need a sizeable slide landing area for a smooth slide and stop.

Sliding at high speed and coming to a sudden stop isn’t safe. For this reason, always check the slide landing area to ensure it’s adequate for riders to make a safe stop. If possible, ask the supplier about their slide landing area to ensure that your kids are always safe when playing.

bouncy houses with water slide for sale

Weight and height of the bouncy house

You certainly want a residential bounce house that’s lighter and won’t break your back. Be careful with some sellers who may provide misinformation about their inflatable unit weight to make them feel lighter. Ensure the weight of the bounce house is as represented.

When searching for residential bounce houses for sale, you should also check the unit’s height, which may be misrepresented to make the inflatables look taller than their actual height. Some manufacturers will include extravagant designs like palm trees to make them seem taller.

The actual height of an inflatable should be the slide platform height. Ensure to check this with the supplier.

buy red inflatable jump house for sale

Kids theme preferences

Some kids can be a little picky. Most boys would go for superhero themes, while the girls would prefer barbie doll themes. If your kids are too picky, try to strike a balance by getting a residential bounce house that is neutral. Then you can supply each kid with playing accessories such as toy guns or balls according to their preferences. Neutral theme kid's inflatables will make the child focus more on the play.

green color sports themed jump house for sale

What’s your budget?

At times, the budget goes hand in hand with safety when searching to buy bounce houses. If operating on a tight budget, you’d instead go for a small size but a durable and safe inflatable unit. Don’t compromise safety and durability by trying to spare a few bucks with a cheap option. Generally, residential bounce houses can cost as little as $250. Consider the purchase as an investment into your kids’ well-being.

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Inflatable Bounce House with Blower to Buy for Kids and Adults

Searching through the various bounce houses for sale ensures that the inflatable you get is the right one for your kids and is durable. When the choosing process is done adequately, the inflatable will be a lifetime investment for your kids.