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How to Use Cotton Candy Machine? Be a Cotton Candy Pro in No Time

by Backyard Play Store on June 06, 2021
How to Use Cotton Candy Machine? Be a Cotton Candy Pro in No Time

Looking for detailed steps on how to use cotton candy machine? You’ve reached the right place. Check out this post for everything that you should know to become a cotton candy pro.

No children's party is complete with a cotton candy maker. Be it movie theatres, amusement parks, or carnivals, kids just cannot resist the delicious cotton candy. But when it comes to parties at home, most parents generally rent a cotton candy machine.

Why rent the cotton candy maker while you can purchase one for your home? In the last few years, the cost of these machines has fallen drastically, and they are now widely available online.

Apart from the machine itself, you can also find a host of cotton candy machine accessories, like Cotton Candy Stands, to make it easier for you to use the machine. Such stands are very popular among rental service providers and even people who sell cotton candies.

But how to use cotton candy machine? Here is everything you should know-

What are the Ingredients Required to Make Cotton Candy?

Before talking about the steps, let us have a quick look at the ingredients you need for making cotton candy. The primary ingredient of cotton candy is floss sugar which is very different from standard sugar. These are larger sugar granules that are better able to absorb the flavor and color you like for your cotton candy.

While you sure can use regular sugar as well for making cotton candies, that signature taste and look of cotton candy can only be achieved with floss sugar. You can now find floss sugar in many different colors and flavors. From blue raspberry, pink vanilla to other gourmet flavors, you are free to choose what you like.

How Does the Cotton Candy Machine Work?

Making cotton candy might appear very challenging at first. However, the process is super simple and quick. If you have the cotton candy machine, ingredients, and the right accessories like machine stand, delicious cotton candies can be made within minutes.

How Does the Cotton Candy Machine Work?

In fact, if you have ever caramelized sugar on a stovetop, you will find the process almost similar. All you need to do is pour the crystal sugar into the spinner head, which is equipped with a heating element for melting it.

The machine’s spinning mechanism will automatically push the sugar towards the heating element as you start pouring. This will turn sugar into small strands, similar to hard candy.

How to Use Cotton Candy Machine? Follow These Steps

Here are the steps you should follow to operate a cotton candy machine-

  • Without turning the main switch ON, fill floss sugar into the floss head. Ensure that you only fill it up to 90% and avoid overfilling as it will cause excessive vibration.
  • Before turning it ON, turn the floss head manually to balance the sugar.
  • Now, switch the machine ON and turn the heat knob up to the maximum possible limit to instantly warm up the machine.
  • It should not take more than a few seconds for the machine to produce floss. Once the floss is being made, you can reduce the heat by turning the knob anti-clockwise up to the operating temperature.
  • Take a cone and hold it between your thumb and two fingers as you start rolling it in the floss that is starting to get collected in the candy maker pan.
  • With a ring of floss still attached, lift the cone and start rotating it for wrapping the floss around the cone. Never start flossing when the cone is still inside the pan, as this will make your cotton candy very tight.
  • In case if the floss does not stick to the cone, lower it again to pick another floss ring.
  • Now move your hand as you make a “figure eight” pattern to make the cotton candy appear bigger.
How to Use Cotton Candy Machine?

That is it! Your delicious cotton candy is ready to eat. But now that you know how to use cotton candy machine, there are a few tips that you should always keep in mind.

Tips to Use a Cotton Candy Machine

If you are new to using a cotton candy maker, here are a few safety tips that you should remember-

  •  Ensure that you always keep the cotton candy machine in an upright position.
  •  Always use the side handles of the machine for lifting.
  • If you are using your new cotton candy machine for the first time, check the head assembly to ensure that the heating element sits inside the head properly. At times, the element can detach from the head during transportation.
  • As the spinning head rotates at a very high speed, always keep your face and hands clear of the head.
  • Only add sugar when the machine is off.
  • Always place the machine on a flat surface while using. A Cotton Candy Machine Stand is highly recommended for enhanced safety and convenience.
  • Immediately turn off the machine or reduce the heat if you see smoke or smell sugar burning.
  • Ensure that you thoroughly read the instruction manual before using the machine. While the steps are more or less the same with every machine, there can be small differences based on the machine you have purchased.
  • There should not be a lot of humidity in the room where you make cotton candy, as the outcome can then be very heavy.

Using a Cotton Candy Maker

We hope that you’ve finally found all the details about how to use cotton candy machine in this post. As you might have seen, the entire process is very simple and quick. But do watch out for the safety tips discussed above to avoid any hazards or inconvenience.

Also, if you have already purchased a cotton candy machine or planning to purchase one soon, consider additional accessories like a Cotton Candy Stand for the best results. It will add that commercial feel to the machine while also boosting the safety, storage, and convenience of using it.

Prefer quality stands made from steel and having wheels and handles for easy mobility. There should also be an adequate storage area inside the stand where you can store your supplies. Happy Candy Making!


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