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Trampolines As an Effective Tool for Body Detoxification

by Backyard Play Store on March 16, 2022
Trampolines As an Effective Tool for Body Detoxification

Trampolining isn’t just a fun activity; it is also a great way to exercise. The simple act of bouncing up and down provides a healthy workout for all muscle groups. There are numerous health benefits associated with trampolining. Studies have shown that trampolining is an effective tool for body detoxification as well. Trampolining provides an easy and fun way to tone up as well as providing a way for the body to rid itself of toxins.

What Is Detoxification?

Detoxification involves the natural removal of toxins from the body. We are subjected to various chemical pollutants every day. These can be found in our food supply, the air we breathe, the chemicals in our cosmetics, cleaning products, and much more.

Our liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system remove these toxins for us every day. However, with today's modern living and our exposure to ever-increasing levels of toxins, our systems can become overwhelmed. Think of it as an office worker with a pile of work in their inbox, no matter how hard they work to reduce the amount of work that is piled up on their desk, more and more arrive. Take away some of the unnecessary work for our office workers and they are under less pressure.

Our bodies are like this too. We can help detoxify our systems by making sure we don’t overload our kidneys, liver, lungs, lymphatic system, and blood. We can achieve this by simply eating natural foods or those with a minimum of processing. Trampolining also helps to provide an effective form of exercise that can aid the body in this process. Because trampolines are an effective tool for body detoxification, they can also help with weight control and management in children.

How Trampolining Aids In Body Detoxification.

Your lymphatic system helps to remove toxins from your body. It works in conjunction with your liver and kidneys to help flush out toxic products from your system. Your circulatory system utilizes the heart to pump blood around your body, your lymphatic system has no such pump. It relies on body movement to circulate. The lymphatic liquids in your body flow in an upward direction. The vertical movements created by jumping up and down on a trampoline are more effective at moving your lymphatic fluids around your body. Trampolining is a better method of helping your lymphatic fluids circulate than running or walking.

How Trampolining Aids In Body Detoxification

It isn’t just your lymphatic system that benefits from regular trampoline exercise, your digestive tract also reaps the rewards. The regular up and down motion of trampolining causes the muscles in your body to contract and relax. Strengthening the muscles in your digestive tract will help your body to absorb nutrients from food faster and more efficiently.

If you begin a regular trampolining routine at the same time you begin to cut back or eliminate refined and overly processed foods from your diet you will soon notice all the associated health benefits. Some of these benefits include better sleep, healthier skin, nails, and hair, and gaining more energy.

How Trampolining Improves Your Lymphatic System.

Lymphocytes are specialized white cells that help to protect and defend your body against illnesses. They destroy invading bacteria and viruses. We’ve already discussed how trampolining helps to move the lymphatic liquids around the lymphatic system, but it has also been shown that ten minutes of rebounding on the trampoline triples the number of white blood cells in your body. These elevated levels remain in your system for up to an hour after you’ve finished your trampolining workout.

Think of it like this, imagine having three office cleaners instead of just one. The office becomes cleaner a lot faster and there are more workers to clean any areas that may have been overlooked.  Your lymphatic system becomes more effective with regular trampolining.

Trampolining For Total Cellular Health.

Unlike other forms of exercise which only engage certain muscle groups and parts of the body, trampolining is unique in that it benefits every part of your body. There are thirty-seven trillion cells in your body. The rebounding motion of a trampoline, coupled with gravity forces your cells to adjust to becoming stronger because of the extra load. Strengthening our cells helps to prevent them from damage or mutation which can lead to health problems including digestive orders.

Choosing A Trampoline To Start Your Detoxification Program.

Choosing A Trampoline To Start Your Detoxification Program

There are so many types of trampolines available it’s important you choose the best. A lot of factors go into the choice of your trampoline, such as the size of your yard, whether it’s intended for the entire family or just one adult. If you are reading this blog, then you are probably interested in the health benefits of trampolining. Choosing the right type of trampoline is essential if you want to gain the most from trampolining detoxification.

Consider your current weight. All trampolines have a maximum weight load. Make sure to check that the trampoline you choose can support your weight. It won’t affect the trampoline if you start to lose weight, in fact, you’ll be surprised at how much better your rebounds will become.

If you are starting a new healthy lifestyle for the whole family remember that children are different from adults when it comes to exercise times and limitations. Basically choose a trampoline with the highest weight load capacity so the whole family can enjoy the benefits.

If the trampoline is only intended for an adult household, then check out the best outdoor trampolines for adult use.

If you’re not entirely committed to the trampoline for detoxification, you can always rent one. This is a great option if you have never trampolined before. You can quickly enjoy learning the basic jumps while at the same time discovering all the health-giving benefits that trampolines offer.

The modern trampoline has been designed with safety in mind, which is why you see most home trampolines with a net surrounding them. You can and should take extra safety measures when using a trampoline.

One of the most common accidents is having toes slip through the trampoline springs. For this reason, you should never trampoline barefoot. Trampoline socks are available from a number of retailers. They look like normal socks, but they have special pads on the sole to help your feet to grip the mat. In almost every trampoline park in America, it is a requirement for customers to wear these.

Look After Your Health

You won’t reap any of the health benefits of using your trampolining for detoxification if you don’t take some simple precautions.

Always make sure you are well hydrated. It’s ok to stop your routine if you are thirsty, in fact, if you push yourself, you may well up dehydrated. Some people can feel a little nauseous when they first start trampolining. If you are feeling even slightly unwell, then stop your routine immediately. For this very same reason don’t start a trampoline workout if you are feeling unwell at all.

Look After Your Health

Depending on where you live, your local weather and the season can limit the times you can use your trampoline. Unless you’ve set your trampoline up in a shady spot or have it undercover, don’t commence any trampoline routine during the hottest part of the day or during excessively hot weather. You can become dehydrated quite quickly without even realizing it. Your perspiration could cause the trampoline mat to become slippery which increases the chances of slipping and accidents.

You should always wear loose, comfortable clothing when you trampoline. Tee shirts and sweatpants allow you to move freely when you are performing jumps. This type of clothing also allows air to circulate around your body more effectively. This in turn keeps you dryer. Wearing a natural fiber such as cotton or bamboo is a good choice.

Life doesn’t always go to plan. If you’ve established a regular trampoline routine for a certain length of time each day, don’t feel pressured to do a double amount of trampolining to make up for the lost time. Your body won’t notice one day’s loss of trampolining. Increasing your trampolining from say thirty to sixty minutes may push you beyond your current fitness levels.

In fact, if you’re serious about reaping all the befits of trampolining for detoxification, it may be a good idea to have your fitness level (including your heart, blood pressure, etc) checked out by your doctor.

Most doctors, dieticians, and other health professionals agree that thirty minutes of gentle exercise each day can be carried out by most people regardless of their fitness level. If you have any underlying or ongoing health issues, ask your doctor whether you can begin trampolining for detoxification. If you are currently on any type of medication, make sure that there are no side effects that may impact your detoxification program.

Trampolining for detoxification is an easy and simple way for you to begin a healthy lifestyle. It will definitely benefit you.

Above all, have fun.


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