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Congo Playsets for Sale – Transform your Backyard into an Awesome Playground

by Backyard Play Store on July 29, 2021
Congo Playsets for Sale – Transform your Backyard into an Awesome Playground

Why you should buy Congo Playsets for Sale – Constant enjoyment and fun right at your back door…

Looking to buy some Congo playsets for sale? Congo playsets are a great way for your kids to spend quality time at home. With these playsets, you can change your backyard into a mini-playground for endless fun and enjoyment. Instead of going to busy amusement parks and waiting in lines, why not have your own little entertainment hub right outside your back door?

Congo Playsets are a good alternative to Bounce Houses, and they can give kids an adventurous experience.

Kids have to be kept busy, that’s for sure. Instead of letting them sit around with their eyes on a mobile phone screen, it is better to make them spend their time in something constructive and beneficial. Congo Playsets, while providing loads of fun and enjoyment, are also a source of exercise and exertion necessary for the physical fitness of the kids.

What are Congo Playsets?

‘Congo Playsets’ is a category of playground products by Kidwise. From swing-and-slide sets to full-out playhouses packed with tunnels, decks, and ladders, Congo playsets encompass a large variety of products that are made to cater to customers with varying budgets and needs.

The salient features of Congo playsets for sale include their ease of assembly and durability. The Woodguard Polymer-coated lumber used in the construction gives the playsets their strength and toughness, while the pre-cut and pre-drilled components make the setting-up easy and trouble-free.

One of the great things about the coated lumber is that it requires little to no maintenance and upkeep once you are done setting the whole thing up. The wood is manufactured to resist rotting, peeling, cracking, chipping, and splintering. These types of damages are what you can typically expect on a wooden product, but luckily, you don’t have to worry a bit if you are buying a Congo Playset.

What are Congo Playsets?

Congo playsets for sale comprise a large variety of products varying on the basis of their price and size. For buyers looking to purchase a single product for simple use, slide-and-swing sets are a great choice while full packages consisting of decks and ladders, etc. are available for customers looking to have an immersive experience. To give customers some choice in customization, Kidwise also provides attachments that can be installed in already set-up playsets.

To get some more information about Congo Playsets, you can check out our blog.

Why should you buy a Congo Playset?

Low Maintenance and Up-Keep Required

Congo playsets are made to provide a fun and enjoyable experience for your family. Additionally, these playsets are designed to give parents a minimal amount of hassle and trouble. Since Congo playsets are made using coated lumber, there is very little maintenance and upkeep to do, as mentioned previously. This means that not only are you getting something that is beneficial for your children, but also something that is easy for you to keep in your backyard.

Easy Washing and Cleaning

Another reason why Congo playsets are easy for parents to keep and maintain is that they can be easily cleaned. Being polymer-coated, they are not as hard to wash nor do they cling to dust and dirt the way normal wood does. This is easy for parents since the washing and cleaning will not require much time and effort.

Easy to Assemble and Put Together

Congo playsets come packed in the form of pre-cut and pre-drilled components that can be easily put together. This is yet another reason why parents will opt to buy these playsets. Not everyone has the time to go through a whole bunch of instructions to figure out which piece goes where and which bolt has to go in which hole. However, while the setup is relatively easy and simple, you should take care to see that every part is securely attached and fixed. Getting things done in a hurry is not worth accidents and injuries.

Warranty Coverage

Warranty Coverage

Playsets are expensive. Even if you want to buy a swing/slide set, you will need to spend a considerable amount of dough. That is why some buyers may be a bit hesitant when purchasing Congo playsets for sale.

However, with Congo Playsets, you can get an excellent warranty for all included parts and components. The lumber used in the construction comes with a 10-year warranty by Woodguard. Similarly, other parts are also covered with a 1-year warranty that covers manufacturer defects.

Budget-friendly Choices and Alternatives

'Congo playsets' is not a name given to a couple of items or pieces of playground equipment. There is a whole range of different products that buyers can purchase according to their budget. If your budget disallows you from buying a playhouse-type product, you can buy a less expensive option such as a Congo Kid Chalet or a Congo Clubhouse to make your kid happy.

Attractive Designs

While the benefits of these playsets are appealing to you as a parent, it is important to remember that you are not going to be the main person bopping around on the slides. Another reason why buyers should consider Congo products is their attractive, kiddie designs. The colorful and neat appearances are appealing to youngsters.

If you need any help with ordering Congo Playsets, get in touch with us by clicking here.

Features and Characteristics of Congo Playsets

If you need some further convincing about buying Congo playsets for sale, here are some qualities and features that you can look forward to.

UV Stabilization

In most cases, the playhouse that you are going to purchase is going to sit in your backyard or lawn. The sunlight can be damaging with that much constant exposure. But not with Congo Playsets. The structure of these playsets is UV Stabilized, which means that they won't fade or lose color due to the heat. Your kids can enjoy the bright and vibrant colors for some time to come.

Non-Toxic Construction

Congo playsets are made safe and harmless. No chemicals or harmful agents are used in the manufacturing of these playhouses. In cheap or substandard products, toxic materials and harmful substances can cause health issues to sensitive children. This won’t be an issue with Congo products.

Polymer Exterior – Wooden Interior

The plastic-like, vibrant look on your Congo playset can be a bit deceiving. While the coated lumber looks different from the outside, the actual material at the center is hard and solid wood, capable of supporting weight, and bearing hoppy and jumpy kids.

Some Congo Playsets that you can buy

Here are some Congo playsets for sale that you can purchase from Kidwise:

Congo Monkey Playsystem Swing Set # 1


Congo Monkey Playsystem Swing Set # 1

If you have a considerable and large budget to spend on Congo Playhouses, you can choose bigger configurations that come with more features and area as compared to simple slide-and-swing sets. One such choice that you can buy at is the Congo Monkey Playsystem Swing Set 1.

This playhouse comes with a variety of different features that include:

  • 10 ft. Wonder Wave Slide
  • Rock Wall
  • 3 Position Swing Bar
  • 1 Trapeze Bar and 2 Swings
  • Fireman’s Pole
  • Sandbox

Kidwise Safari Swing Set

Kidwise Safari Swing Set

The Kidwise Safari Swing Set is relatively simpler as compared to the Monkey Play Set Package # 5. It also comes with a much smaller price tag. With a price of $1,899, this is a middle-level budget option that buyers can opt for.

Following are some of the features of the Safari Swing Set:

  • Single 4’ high deck
  • Three-position swing bar with one trapeze bar and two included swings
  • 8’ Wave Slide
  • Steering Wheel
  • Telescope

Congo Clubhouse with Picnic Table

Congo Clubhouse with Picnic Table

For buyers who are not interested in, or cannot afford larger playhouses, the Congo Clubhouse with Picnic Table is a great option. With a price tag of $799 (special price $629 at time of writing), this is a less costly choice that buyers can consider when buying Congo playsets for sale.

Here are some features of the Congo Clubhouse:

  • Ample inside space for kids to play in
  • Included picnic table for snacks and small meals
  • Optional raised garden planter
  • Canopy roof for protection against sun and rain

If these options are not suitable to your taste, preference, or budget, there are many more that you can check out at our 'Swing Sets' section by clicking here. If you are looking for a bit more in-depth review on swing sets in general, take some time to read our blog.

Before you buy….

Before you decide to make your purchase, there are a couple of things that you have to be careful about. Firstly, you should ascertain whether or not the state/area/region you are in requires you to have special permission or authorization to set up the playhouse on your property.

Secondly, make sure to set up the playhouse with the help and assistance of at least one other individual. Although simple to understand and implement, the setup will require some huffing and pushing so make sure you have the right manpower for it.


Congo playsets are a great thing to have in the backyard. They can provide your kids with lots of fun and enjoyment while keeping you blissfully free of maintenance and up-keep responsibility. The durable construction, as well as the easy set-up, make Congo playsets a hassle-free affair for parents.

Visit our website to place your order and get the Congo Playset suitable for your budget.


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