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Purchasing the Wrong Bounce House - Tips for Handling this Business Error

by Backyard Play Store on October 20, 2020
Purchasing Wrong Bounce House: Common Mistakes to avoid in buying

Once you have launched your bounce house rental business and you have gotten some rental dates, you have to focus on going out in the field and fulfilling your rental agreements. But the road to success is not always so easy and you could make mistakes that could cost you dear. So reread our startup guide on building a bounce house business before you put your investment at risk.

One of the most common issues made by inflatable rental business owners is buying the wrong bounce house. Here we have put together an easy and simple guideline for you to help you handle this error so you can run your business smoothly all year round.

Possible Bounce House Buying Mistakes

Before we get down to business, we would like to mention the possible buying mistake scenarios you could make when purchasing a bounce house and other inflatables like water slides, slide combos or party jumpers. These scenarios usually take place when you order things online.
    1. the dimensions of your ordered bounce house are different than what you have imagined
    2. the fabric is not up to per e.g. the texture is too smooth or too rough
    3. the design is not so appealing when inflated and ready for use
    4. your desired features are not in the purchase e.g. reinforced anchoring points or multiple door openings
    5. the quality does not match the description of the manufacturer or the image you have seen online

      How to Handle This Business Error?

      So, what can you do when you discover that you have purchased the wrong bounce house? There are several different routes to solve this problem and we believe these steps will help solve the problem.

      How to Handle This Business Error?

      Is there a return policy for Purchasing Wrong Bounce House ?

      You are running a business and you need quality supplies to run it smoothly. That means you must have purchased from a reputable company whose products come with a generous return policy. If you specify the exact reason you want to return the bounce house and if your reason satisfies their return policy, you are in luck. The popular brands always want to make their customers happy and will accept returns without any hassle. 

      If your return is accepted, you will receive thorough instructions on shipping and repackaging from the manufacturer. You may have to incur a restocking fee for the wrong purchase, but this small fee will be nothing when compared to the cost of the commercial bounce house you have just purchased but which will do no good for your business.

      What if there is none?

      Well, that’s some bad news. But there is still hope. You can ask the manufacturer to give a list of their buyers in your own locality or nearby areas. You may also know some of your competitors personally. You can visit them in person and ask them if they are interested to have your bounce house for home or business. Since it’s brand-new, they will surely ask for a good price that might seem like a good deal to you. You can arrange to sell it to them immediately. 

      In the meantime, you can check out their stock and see if they have your desired bounce house. This will be a great opportunity to look into the product in person. When done, you will have a better idea about the right size, features, and materials that you should order this time. 

      As you can see, a good return policy is your savor if you end up purchasing the wrong bounce house for your business. Since bounce house inflatables do not come cheap, you should always make sure that you are purchasing your supplies from a reputed manufacturer with a fair and hassle-free return policy.


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