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What Types of Inflatables Make Great Centerpieces

by Backyard Marketplace on June 24, 2022
What Types of Inflatables Make Great Centerpieces

Inflatables as centerpieces have become a successful addition to any big event. The events industry has grown bigger and better. A new set of wonderful decorations are showcased every now and then.

Many ideas have been shown such as DIY food displays, creative fabrics, show-stopping ceilings, and crystal stemwares as table decorations. There are also decorative backdrops, versatile stages, and expert lighting.

We’ve seen a variety of best decorations that stood out all throughout the parties. Inflatables are a new trend as centerpieces during events. These eye-catchers complete the whole story - the feels of a theme of an event.

Inflatable Centerpieces in Business

Usually, centerpiece attractions at events are about some mechanical rides of WOW factors. Thanks to newly established companies who offer an inflatable version in this category. Digital vinyl printers were introduced and they made inflatables appear to be alive.

Decorations are both art and science. It evolves over time. For as long as humans aren’t satisfied, there will always be changes.

The majority of the companies today offer generic colors and boring styles of inflatables. But luckily, there are also who made sure to offer you a great selection of inflatables. Would you also see this as a business opportunity of your own?

New suppliers introduce much larger inflatables you’ll ever see. The designs are remarkable. No more boring common styles. Let your centerpiece be one of a kind!

Inflatable Centerpieces in Parties

Big or small, the party needs an attraction. It shouldn’t be issues that draw attention instead look for a fine memorable inflatable centerpiece. The moment the visitor comes inside the party, he will stare at it in awe.

The centerpieces we’re talking about here include giant slides, obstacle courses, and fun games. All of these can be resourced from local suppliers which list is found all over the Internet.

This is the definition of attraction. Everyone would definitely notice the extravagant centerpieces. Then, all of you will have fun at the party.

Inflatable Centerpiece Ideas

Inflatable Centerpiece Ideas

These ideas may make great events. If you have an upcoming company party, family occasion, church events, neighborhood parties, or concerts, you’ve come to the right page. Inflatables as centerpieces are either for indoors or outdoors.

Another tip, make sure to align with your budget. They might cost you more but they’re totally worth it. They deliver good results.

You’ll receive a “wow” from the kids, praises from the adults, or simply a smile from everyone. Just let your centerpiece speak it all. Take a look at our list of ideas.

Giddy Inflatable Slides:

This is used for either a kiddie or adult birthday party. It’s great because of its versatility. You can rent this slide centerpiece from specific suppliers.

If the slide’s size isn’t enough, you can rent two same sizes and bind them together to make a bigger centerpiece. There are dry and wet slides you can either choose from. It would be more fun and nicer to turn your party into a waterpark.

Your visitors will be attracted and won’t dare to resist. Nowadays, these inflatable slides are made of eye-popping, vibrant colors. If you’ve added high towers to your party, how much more are these centerpieces?

Customized Theme Centerpiece:

Since there are numerous party theme ideas, inflatable slides can also be customized accordingly. Rent the most fabulous slide to make an unforgettable experience.

Let’s start with the centerpiece for the youngest part of the family. You can ask the supplier whether they can provide an inflatable castle for your toddler’s upcoming birthday party. The kid would definitely feel so special seeing what you have prepared for his/her birthday party.

Another example is for a kid who’s turning 8 and wishes to have a grand lawn birthday party. Turn your extra space into a party space for everyone. It’s possible to have a customized inflatable Frozen-themed slide.

Customized Theme Centerpiece

Summer is the vacation season. Surely you and your friends want a pool party. To throw a big summer party, you’ll be needing an inflatable water slide with a big flamingo and pineapple on top. This is a pretty set-up!

Mausoleums are perfect inflatables as centerpieces for a Halloween party. The zombies, monsters, ghosts, and haunted houses are still part of the plan. But a giant, haunted Mausoleum with printed images of vampires, skulls, and bats, is much more terrific!

The Alpine Tubing is a great winter centerpiece for Christmas. They’d give a realistic feel of how it is to be in a forest full of pine trees and snow.

Obstacle Course:

Who wouldn’t love the taste of fun? Even the adults bring out the child in them when they see a very engaging obstacle course. That’s how you want your party to be - very engaging and full of fun.

Inflatable obstacle courses can either dry or wet. It means there are ones made for land and for water. They are typically entirely huge.

It’s also perfect for team-building exercises for companies who look for challenging activities that require teamwork. It’s less hurtful when you fall on these obstacles. Your body coordination will be much improved throughout the activities.

There’s an inflatable obstacle course named Dizzy X. It implies that players will be spinning around. Once they get dizzy, they have to navigate themselves to reach the finish line.

You would definitely love the 120’ Nuclear Obstacle Course. It’s a crème de la crème of all the inflatable obstacle courses there are. It has rock walls, tunnels, and slides - a true image of an obstacle course.

Inflatable Centerpiece Games:

Not only do parties need to have inflatable centerpieces but also game shows. Anyone must have watched samples of these on television. There are contests featuring different jaw-dropping and ultimately fun inflatable games.

Inflatable Centerpiece Games

You may have seen Zorb Tracks. This is even available in adventure parks in different countries. It’s a giant plastic ball where players go inside and roll to race.

Although Patriot Games-Wipeout is not as popular as Zorb Tracks, it’s still one of the amazing super games that are inflatable. Players stand platform called a dais. They must try as hard as they can to avoid a spinning cylindrical arm.

The third one talks about this Big Baller. Your body coordination and balance will be put to test. Players must leap from one giant ball to another and should not fall.

A Bungee Run is another challenging inflatable game. The player runs down a lane while the body is attached to a bungee cord. The player has to run fast because the cord will snap back in time.

Have you heard of a Gladiator Joust? It’s like normal jousting where there will be two challengers. The difference is that the players in this inflatable Gladiator Joust will stand on an inflatable platform to fight using gladiator sticks.

All of these inflatables as centerpieces are made safe so everyone will enjoy them far and wide. Party planners or ultimate game masters can add any of these centerpiece ideas to their checklists.

Advantages of Inflatables as Centerpieces

Inflatables as centerpieces are a fun and engaging way of decorating both indoor and outdoor events. It boosts the mood of the whole occasion. On the upper hand, they are attractive, easy to store, and safe to use.


They help transform your backyard into a majestic forest. They also transform your gardens into a winter wonderland. Let’s not forget indoors turning into a Hollywood glamour.

The whole place turns magical and becomes Instagram-worthy. We can’t deny that inflatables are always cuter than the usually hard, cemented, or metallic centerpieces.

Advantages of Inflatables as Centerpieces

Your mood shifts from a serious adult into a childish person, wanting to touch the inflatables. They’re quite engaging. Just make sure to pick the right centerpiece to capture the feel of your selected theme.

Easy to Store:

When the events pass, you’ll have to remove the decorations. Since they’re quite pricey, you have to take good care of them and let them sit in containers maybe for a year. It’s very easy to keep, unlike storing any other non-inflatable decorations.

Don’t worry because you can just deflate them. You’ll let out the air in no time.  Additionally, big inflatable centerpieces are still softer and lighter than non-inflatable ones.

Easy and Safe to Use:

Inflatables as centerpieces are easy to install. You can set them up conveniently although you may still need to ask for assistance, especially when setting up a much bigger one.

You may use a standard electric air pump. Once you fill the centerpiece figure with air, you can secure it by tying it. The centerpiece is easily moveable in case you don’t like where it’s initially placed.

Inflatable Centerpiece Cost

There is no exact standard amount for inflatable centerpieces. Most of them are rentals. You can ask different online suppliers for a quotation in case you’ll need to order a personalized one.

There are different themes of events and parties. Discuss with your team how much money you’ve got for a centerpiece. Unless you want most of your budget to go to a very attractive centerpiece, then you must initially inquire to suppliers as soon as possible.


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