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High Impact, Low Effort Ways to Connect with Your Kids

by Backyard Marketplace on July 09, 2022
High Impact, Low Effort Ways to Connect with Your Kids

As a parent, you probably fear that you might struggle to try to connect with your kids. You might begin to worry that you don’t know your kids as well as you should.

Perhaps you’re scared that your kids are doing things that you would not want them to do. The anxiety can almost be incapacitating. Fortunately, you can easily solve this issue. The solution is quite easy.

Just the fact that you want to connect with your kids is a sign that you’re doing a great job. It’s already a good start towards your main goal.

It is vital to care about your kids and what goes around them. Thus, here are some high-impact, low effort ways to connect with your kids.

Be Completely Present with Your Kid

Since there are a lot of distractions in our lives, trying to connect with your kids is something you need to make time for.

One of the most vital steps in connecting with your kid is to turn off everything around you and just be present. This includes smartphones, TVs, laptops, and more.

One of the best things you can do is to greet your kid enthusiastically whenever they get home. You can look them in the eyes, give them a big hug, and ask them about their day.

Providing your kid your undivided attention offers them the space to meet you heart-to-heart, whether it is in a dedicated one-on-one time or simply after school.

Eat Meals Together to Connect with Your Kids

Oftentimes, eating together as a family can result in excellent bonding time and conversation with your kids.

Try to encourage everybody to turn off their mobile devices and simply enjoy the company of each other.

Mealtime is also an excellent chance for you to teach your kids the significance of a balanced and healthy diet, which also influences their mental health.

Play Together

Play Together

Play is extremely vital to the development of your kid. It’s the tool through which kids learn about social skills, foster creativity, express emotions, and develop language skills.

In addition to that, it’s an enjoyable way for you to improve your relationship with your kid while playing together in a playground where there are bounce houses with slides.

It doesn’t matter what you play. The important thing is to simply enjoy each other and dedicate yourself to giving your kid your undivided attention.

Say “I Love You” Frequently

Oftentimes, it’s already implied that we love our kids. However, you need to ensure you tell them every day if you want to connect with your kids. It doesn’t matter what age they are.

Even if your kid does something you do not like or is being difficult, this can be a great chance to remind them that you unconditionally love them by giving them the freedom to play on inflatable playgrounds.

A simple “I love you” can have a huge influence on your long-term relationship with your kid.

Be There for Every Milestone

Consider making it to every single milestone event in your kid’s life. Sports events, graduations, first day anywhere, team tryouts, school concerts, and any other activities where parents are expected to be there.

Simply knowing that you’re making an effort to come and knowing that they aren’t alone despite the crowds will remind them of the connections you have with them.

Don’t Use Guilt as a Weapon

You should not send your kids on a guilt trip. It is a bad approach that will only cause your kids to resent you in the long run.

Make it clear that you want to connect with your kids and get to know them. However, you should not try to make them feel bad if it does not work out immediately.

It might take a couple of tries. However, you will eventually wear them down. They will offer you a chance.

Turn Off Technology When Interacting with Your Kid

Turn Off Technology When Interacting with Your Kid

For those who don’t know, your kids will remember for the rest of their lives that they were important enough to you that you turned off your devices to listen to them.

Even simply turning off your car’s radio can be a strong invitation to connect with your kids. This is particularly true since cars lack eye contact. This allows your kids to open up and share more.

Take an Interest in Your Kid’s Interests

Talking does not often work for every kid. They might have built their guard up too high to know that you simply want to connect with them.

If this is the case, don’t worry. You can simply do something else together. For instance, if your kid loves to play video games, you can ask for a second controller and play together.

Perhaps your kid has an upcoming art project. You can help them create it. Consider getting involved in anything they like to do.

Your kids might still attempt to shut you out. However, you will eventually find something that you both like to do.

Also, don’t judge the hobbies of your kid. This is particularly true if they aren’t hurting anyone.

Your kids will begin to push you further away if they start to feel that you do not appreciate what they like.

Let Your Kid Sit on Your Lap and Read a Book

This is obviously a lot easier to do with small children who still fit on your lap. However, if your kid is older, you can sit beside them and read a chapter of a book out loud.

If you make this a daily ritual, you will make your child more interested in reading books. You’ll also spend a bit of quality time together every day.

Aim for 12 Hugs Every Day

Aim for 12 Hugs Every Day

A lot of professionals recommend that people need 4 hugs every day for survival, 8 hugs for maintenance, and 12 hugs for growth.

First thing in the morning, snuggle with your kid for several minutes, and last thing at night. This is one of the easiest ways to connect with your kids.

You can also hug them whenever you are reunited or when you say goodbye. Aside from hugging, you can also do other things such as rubbing shoulders, patting their backs, and tousling their hair.

Smile and make eye contact when you reach out to hug them. If your older kid avoids your hugs when you reach out to them, keep in mind that you’ve got to ease into the connection.

Provide Complete and Undivided Attention to Your Kid

You can begin by telling your child, “The next 5 minutes are all yours”. You can ask your kid what they’re interested in most today, how they’re feeling, and how their day is.

When talking to your child, ensure that you listen attentively and make eye contact.

Nowadays, parents do this so little since most people are checking their devices or multitasking and only offering partial attention.

Several minutes of complete attention as they play on the playground will go a long way in improving your connection with your child.

Why Should You Connect with Your Child?

So, why is connecting with your kid important? Well, as a parent, having a strong bond with your kid is a crucial goal that has lasting benefits.

However, there are also immediate benefits if you connect with your kid regularly. These benefits include:

Opening Doors for Communication

Whenever you are an intentional and present parent, you leave the door open for conversations. Kids will feel more at ease coming to you with topics that are a bit sensitive.

In addition to that, your kids will also be more open to listening to you if you’ve got to discuss something important with them.

Helps Get Rid of Guilt

Helps Get Rid of Guilt

Almost every parent around the world experiences guilt. They have a hard time balancing their responsibilities and time with their children.

Fortunately, you can easily get rid of this guilt if you just connect with your kids regularly.

Improve The Behavior of Your Child

Yes, you have read this properly. Perhaps you noticed that your kid is acting out more than usual. Perhaps you regularly fight or they whine more often than before.

If that is the case, your child simply requires a bit of connection to reset.

Improve Their Mental Health

According to studies, kids who share an affectionate relationship with their parents are happier and stronger psychologically.

The reason for this is that these kids have excellent emotional support from their parents that offers them the strength to go through the challenges of their lives. You also need to give them the freedom to play with friends on the playground that has many amenities like a bounce house or commercial inflatables.


As a parent, wanting to connect with your kids is the best start towards achieving your main goal.

With the tips mentioned above, you can easily connect with your kids and show them how much they mean to you.

The best thing about this is that most of the tips above do not cost any money. All they need is a bit of effort from you and your partner.

The truth is that bonding moments can sometimes be naturally found throughout the day. These moments are still strong enough to help your kids feel validated and loved.

A bit of connection goes a long way.


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