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11 Reasons Not to Buy Cheap Swing Sets Online

by Backyard Play Store on April 25, 2022
11 Reasons Not to Buy Cheap Swing Sets Online

Children love swing sets. They encourage movement, strengthen muscles, inspire imagination, improve motor skills, and are full of fun and excitement. Rather than taking your child every day to the nearby park so that they can play with the swing set, you can also consider installing one in your backyard.

You can now find an extensive range of playsets that do not require a lot of space and can be easily installed in the backyard. But just like a residential bounce house, a swing set is also a big purchase and directly impacts the safety of your child. While it is a common practice among parents to rigorously search for cheap swing sets online, this is never a safe or even a lasting solution.

In fact, in the longer run, cheaper playsets cost a lot more money than good quality alternatives that can last for several years with minimal maintenance. If you are planning to purchase a swing set online, here are some of the reasons why you should not go with the cheapest option-

1. Unreliable Quality

The number one reason not to invest in cheap swing sets online is their unreliable quality. When you purchase things online, you significantly rely on the manufacturer or the online store for the quality of the product you purchase. You only have to rely on the pictures, which can be very different from the actual product you receive.

And when we are talking about something that requires a significant investment and is expected to last for several years, it is not wise to trust an unreliable manufacturer/online store for the purchase. To sell the swing sets cheaper, the manufacturers cut several corners that negatively impact the quality of the final product.

2. Unsafe for Kids

Needless to say, the poor quality of the wooden swing set directly affects the safety of your kids. The manufacturer might have used substandard wood, hardware, or accessories to keep the cost low. As a result, the swing set can unexpectedly break, crack, or split when your child is playing with it and might result in severe injuries.

Unsafe for Kids

No parent would ever want to risk the safety of their children in order to save a bit of money. Thus, choosing a reputable online store that offers an extensive range of high-quality wooden swing sets over an unreliable platform that sells cheap playsets is always better.

3. Impractical Design

If you check out the popular wooden swing set designs like the Congo Swing Central, you’ll see that they have a very practical and functional design. But their practicality is significantly compromised in the case of cheaper swing sets. They cannot be used as effortlessly by the kids as their better quality alternatives.

In several cases, their impractical design also makes them unsafe for the kids. Ultimately, your child will not be able to enjoy the swing set as much as you had expected. You invest in a wooden swing set, hoping that your kids will love it, and it can be heartbreaking to see that they do not appreciate the impractical design and avoid playing with it.

4. Shorter Warranties

Another common issue with cheaper online swing sets is their shorter warranties. Manufacturers and online stores know that these playsets won’t be able to last for a very long time. As a result, they often only offer a 1-2 years warranty on their products. The shorter warranty would mean that the manufacturer/store will no longer be responsible for any replacements or repairs after the said period.

You’ll have to spend money from your pockets to repair the damages or replace any of the hardware or accessories. On the other hand, you can find premium quality wooden swing sets that come with a warranty of 8-10 years or even more. Reputed manufacturers stand by their products rather than looking for ways to avoid their responsibility.

5. Not Durable

A wooden swing set is not something you purchase for a couple of years. It should always be a long-lasting product that your child can enjoy for several years. But when there are compromises made on components like the wood used for construction, or the hardware or accessories, it is almost impossible for the playset to have a long shelf-life.

Not Durable

Such swing sets are also highly prone to severe damages from moisture and sun, especially if the playset is not stained and sealed at regular intervals. Quality swing sets are made from premium wood such as Woodguard to ensure an extended shelf-life. You can rest assured that the swing set will look and work as good as new for years to come with minimal maintenance.

6. No Pre-Drilled Holes

You’ll also see that many of the cheap swing sets online do not come with pre-drilled holes. While this might not seem like a significant issue, it actually is. Without pre-drilled holes, wooden swing sets often crack when you try to drill holes. More often than not, the damage is not covered under the product warranty.

Even if the drilling does not result in any cracks, there is always a possibility that you might end up drilling holes at an incorrect angle, making the overall installation process very challenging. The only option in such cases is to invest more money in purchasing wood and maybe hire a contractor to help with the installation.

7. Regular Accessories/Hardware Replacements

Wooden swing sets are made up of several accessories such as canopy roofs, swings, rope ladders, gliders, and more. All of these components are kept together in place with the help of several hardware products, like nuts, bolts, swing hangers, hooks, etc. Apart from the wood used for construction, it is essential for these accessories and hardware components also to be made from quality materials.

But you’ll commonly see substandard installations in cheaper swing sets. Apart from risking your child's safety, such components also require regular replacements. In other words, you’ll have to keep investing in the playset to keep it in a safe and usable condition. You’ll also have to regularly inspect the swing set for any damages for the complete safety of your child. 

8. Poor Customer Support

Poor Customer Support

Reputed online stores also offer exceptional after-sales service. They have dedicated teams to handle customer queries, lodge complaints, and help them claim warranties. Unfortunately, it is not the same with brands/stores that offer cheaper playsets. Once the swing set is delivered to your home, you are on your own.

The lack of expert assistance can make the entire experience of purchasing, installing, and using the swing set very discouraging.

9. Zero Customization

With cheaper wooden swing sets, you seldom get any customization options. However, as reliable online stores get the swing sets designed as per the customers' preferences, they offer a wide range of customization options. For instance, you can customize the size, roof, color, and several other aspects of the swing set.

Moreover, if you’d like to get a swing set constructed from scratch, some online stores offer this option as well. The customizations ensure that the purchase perfectly aligns with your and your child’s expectations and requirements.

10. Higher Maintenance

Wooden swing sets require regular maintenance to keep them looking and working as good as a new purchase. But the amount of maintenance a swing set requires abundantly depends on its build quality. For instance, you can now find maintenance-free wooden swing sets that have minimal maintenance requirements.

Such models are generally coated with a vinyl polymer which significantly boosts the shelf-life of the swing sets and keeps them protected against moisture and sun damage. This also means that you won’t be required to spend a lot of time or effort on their maintenance. Once purchased, they will continue to look great and offer flawless functionality for years to come.

11. Difficult to Clean

A common maintenance requirement of every swing set installed outdoor is cleaning. Regular cleaning helps remove the dust, debris, bird droppings, etc. But the impractical design and use of low-quality components also make cheap swing sets online challenging to clean. You might have to invest a lot more time in cleaning such playsets.

Difficult to Clean

But quality swing sets have the upper hand in this department as well. The staining and sealing significantly reduce the cleaning frequency. Moreover, it also ensures that the swing set can be machine washed without worrying about moisture damage. 

Are You Still Searching for Cheap Swing Sets Online?

As can be seen, there are several reasons that make cheaper online swing sets not the best choice for your kids. Several critical aspects such as safety, quality, durability, and maintenance are severely compromised in such playsets. They are not safe for children and not a wise investment as you might have to replace them soon.

If you are searching for wooden swing sets online, ensure that you only trust reputed online stores that offer an extensive range of products. Check customer reviews and product features before placing your order for complete satisfaction. 


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